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About us

This site is dedicated to creating a communtiy that can assist in finding and preserving old games and programs as well as game and program manuals.
We also are dedicated to helping people locate these files and connect people who have access to the programs with others who also are seeking them.

Examples of use:

We plan to accomplish this by starting a forum which users can use to help eachother find these files as well as a discord server to discuss programs and software and more easily hunt them down.
We will have a wishlist of programs we want found to help start this off.

Site founded in May of 2018 expect frequent changes in the mean time.

Our Discord server: Software Artifacts Discord You may use this discord to connect with the site owner and the community to discuss the sites direction and
to look for programs or games you want found or to offer obscure programs to the community and even just talk about games and look for other people intrested in playing the old games with you.

We hope you stop by and say hello as all are welcome!

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Sites which may help in investigation:

Archive.org is a site that is dedicated to archiving all types of media for the future.
Our mission is more niche we are like treasure hunters seeking out old programs which have long been lost and bringing them to light again.

If you like what we aim to do and would like to donate to offset our costs you may do so here: Paypal donations